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STOLEN: V8 Escort Mexico

Another classic Ford Escort has been lifted from under their owner’s nose. This time, from a classic car dealership in Ripley, Surrey. Hot on the heels of this week’s Classic Car Crimewatch, a Continue reading STOLEN: V8 Escort Mexico


Top Gear Patagonia: What was that 2CV thing?

Petrol heads and casual viewers alike tuned in to BBC2 to watch the long awaited two part Patagonia Top Gear Special. On an epic road trip across both Chile and Argentina, the famous three brought along Continue reading Top Gear Patagonia: What was that 2CV thing?

5 Bargain-Basement Retro Barges

Many retro fans cannot resist the urge of the occasional luxury barge. Piloted by the managers of yesteryear or chauffeuring minor celebrities in plush comfort, there are certainly many bargains to be had in the current year. We like all of the extras too; leather seats, electric windows, heated seats, CD players and especially powerful engines.

With a respectable budget of  £2,000, what can we realistically expect?

Continue reading 5 Bargain-Basement Retro Barges