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Why bargain cars of the 80’s fetch huge money

Nostalgia. What a brilliant, awful thing! Especially when it comes to Continue reading Why bargain cars of the 80’s fetch huge money


Tales of my Trabi #3

Impulsiveness is certainly a benefit of our capitalist system. Should you have funds available when the goods are in supply, then it becomes yours. Unlike the original owner of this car, who almost certainly Continue reading Tales of my Trabi #3

Relive 90’s Retro First Cars

Everyone remembers their first car. Most of the younger readers will most likely have been burdened with some form of underpowered supermini. This writer for example was subject to the awesome power of a ’94 Peugeot 106 diesel. Although somewhat sarcastic, this car was my ticket to freedom and provided many fond memories of road trips and romantic encounters.   Browsing through the classifieds, superminis from this era certainly appear to be Continue reading Relive 90’s Retro First Cars