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Anyone Missing A ’69 Impala?

Owing to the recent sour news of stolen classics hitting our headlines, surely the time has finally come for something positive to report? Alas, that time is right now!

A recently stolen and abandoned 1969 Chevrolet Impala SuperSport has surfaced in the Surrey commuter town of Sutton. Dazed, confused, and still wearily sporting its original Continue reading Anyone Missing A ’69 Impala?


Rat Look Trabant

What? – One of the final run of the East German Trabants. A 1987 Kombi model, fitted with the traditional two-stroke smoky engine; the Trabant became a symbol of Continue reading Rat Look Trabant

Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

What? – A 1980 Lotus Talbot Sunbeam. Not just any Sunbeam either, this one appears to have time travelled 34 years into the present time straight from the factory. Even Doctor Who would be Continue reading Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

Rambo-Lambo: the V12 Angel of Death!

What? – A 1989 Lamborghini LM002 finished in metallic Desert Sand Gold. An unusual departure for the brand associated with the likes of the Countach, the Rambo-Lambo was derived from a military vehicle project. If an oversized off-road military vehicle wasn’t enough to scare the living bejesus out of enemy soldiers, the addition of the V12 monster heart from Continue reading Rambo-Lambo: the V12 Angel of Death!

Dashing Final Edition Delta

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 photo 13a1c242-f932-415c-952b-428320fe1807_zps5dd0a25b.jpg

What? – A stunning example of a Lancia Delta Integrale. Not just any Integrale though, a 1995 Lancia Delta Integrale EVO 2 Edizione Finale to be precise. One of the last produced, following a legendary Continue reading Dashing Final Edition Delta