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Tales of my Trabi #3

Impulsiveness is certainly a benefit of our capitalist system. Should you have funds available when the goods are in supply, then it becomes yours. Unlike the original owner of this car, who almost certainly Continue reading Tales of my Trabi #3


WTF? – Horrifying Hearse

Readers who found last week’s Thomas the Tank Engine bus mock-up too much to handle will be delighted to discover this week’s addition WTF? is somewhat more tame… Continue reading WTF? – Horrifying Hearse

WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

Have you ever found yourself browsing through the classifieds, and stumbled upon something which is so bizarre that it makes you question if your eye sight has fooled you, and you’ve maybe run off the rails? Upon finding this Japanese import, it appeared that the internet had finally arrived at platform crazy! Continue reading WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

Project Pit Vol III: March 2015

Hear ye, hear ye, read all about it! Plenty of rotting classics are coming to a website near you. Grab your wallets as the junk stall has returned for another month.

Motor Hipster are fully aware that half of Continue reading Project Pit Vol III: March 2015

Anyone Missing A ’69 Impala?

Owing to the recent sour news of stolen classics hitting our headlines, surely the time has finally come for something positive to report? Alas, that time is right now!

A recently stolen and abandoned 1969 Chevrolet Impala SuperSport has surfaced in the Surrey commuter town of Sutton. Dazed, confused, and still wearily sporting its original Continue reading Anyone Missing A ’69 Impala?

Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam

What? – A 1980 Lotus Talbot Sunbeam. Not just any Sunbeam either, this one appears to have time travelled 34 years into the present time straight from the factory. Even Doctor Who would be Continue reading Factory fresh Lotus Talbot Sunbeam