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5 Classy Classics Owned By Famous 21st Century Players

Celebs make Brands even more Famous

It was early days when vehicles were utilised just for transportation, however despite everything we utilise them for moving from place to Continue reading 5 Classy Classics Owned By Famous 21st Century Players


The OhSoRetro Show Review

Today in Margate, the roar of classic cars woke up local residents. The sound of bellowing V8s, the squeal of air-cooled VWs and everything else in between paid a visit to the home of Dreamland. Motor Hipster set out to snap some retro goodness in the Continue reading The OhSoRetro Show Review

WTF? – Micro Totrod

As motoring enthusiasts, it can be reasonable to assume that our childhoods were spent yearning to get behind the wheel of our very own vehicle. Browsing through the classified adverts at the local newsagent was our prompt for future aspirations and optimistic fantasies. For some of us, the pull of the open road was over-powering, and something had to be done. Continue reading WTF? – Micro Totrod

Stolen: Lotus Cortina

Not another one! Probably what every classic car enthusiast in Britain has exclaimed into their computer screen on viewing this post. Unfortunately another Cortina has fallen victim to the crime spree.

Blagged by banger boys? Entirely possible, owing to the ridiculous amount of Cortinas which have been abducted over the last few months. At least 8 Cortinas have disappeared since May, as analysed in a previous post on Motor Hipster.

The Cortina in question is a genuine 1967 MK2 Lotus Cortina (Reg: SMP505F), swiped from a lock-up at the Hergest Industrial Estate, Kington in Herefordshire. The date of the theft ranges between the 13th and 23rd January 2016, with allegations strangely speculating a time and date of around 21:30 on 24th January. Reports claim that a trailer may have been used to commit the crime.

The owner describes the Tina as having blistering under the paint with red paint marks on the passenger door. Furthermore, the interior sports 1600e seats, not Lotus standard issue, and it sits on Minilite replica wheels with new debica tyres. The bumper and grill are scruffy, with a homemade plate on the carb and a non-standard airbox fitted.

Any potential sightings must be reported to the police immediately, calling 101. Please spread this via social media, word of mouth and any other means necessary to help bring back one man’s sentimental classic of over 27 years.


by Mike Armstrong

Project Pit Vol IV: January 2016

The Christmas holidays are over and most of us are turning to preparing projects for the summer season. Many will already have chosen their chore chariot, though some will be lagging behind.

Fear no longer as Motor Hipster has selected Continue reading Project Pit Vol IV: January 2016

Cortina Crime Wave: Are Banger Racers to Blame?

The chances are that if you own a Ford Cortina, you may not for much longer. Anyone who has kept their ear against the wall to the ramblings of the internet may have noticed Cortinas are disappearing quicker than a puddle in the desert.

Just as sure as the day is followed by the night, the classic car scene has pointed the finger at Continue reading Cortina Crime Wave: Are Banger Racers to Blame?