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World Famous Wartburg

Cinema-goers may have found themselves viewing the critically acclaimed The Man From U.N.C.L.E during the year 2015. Petrolheads will certainly remember the infamous car chase scene between Continue reading World Famous Wartburg


Nova Sports Record Price Tag

When was the last time you saw a Vauxhall Nova Sport? The answer is probably not recently, owing to their scarcity. A limited run of only 502 were ever created in 1985, so a mint condition example in the 21st century is Continue reading Nova Sports Record Price Tag

C+C: Polish Polonez

FSO’s Polonez is a rare sight upon British shores, with the vast majority having never seen one of this era before. Built in Poland by FSO, who also produced the Polski Fiats, the Polonez is a staple sight on Polish roads. And now, this very example can prove to be credible of the Cheap and Cheerful feature on Motor Hipster. Continue reading C+C: Polish Polonez

WTF? – Micro Totrod

As motoring enthusiasts, it can be reasonable to assume that our childhoods were spent yearning to get behind the wheel of our very own vehicle. Browsing through the classified adverts at the local newsagent was our prompt for future aspirations and optimistic fantasies. For some of us, the pull of the open road was over-powering, and something had to be done. Continue reading WTF? – Micro Totrod

Defend Against Land Rover Theft Outbreak

As the final Defender rolled off the production line last week, a chapter was closed in the book of motoring legend. Demand for these vehicles has never been higher though, owing to their durability and a cult following.

No one is surprised to discover that Defenders are  Continue reading Defend Against Land Rover Theft Outbreak

Project Pit Vol III: March 2015

Hear ye, hear ye, read all about it! Plenty of rotting classics are coming to a website near you. Grab your wallets as the junk stall has returned for another month.

Motor Hipster are fully aware that half of Continue reading Project Pit Vol III: March 2015

C+C: All aboard the Civic Shuttle!

The Honda Civic Shuttle was largely viewed as unenthusiastic and boring throughout its lifetime. Although revolutionary in terms of space and practicality, the very sight of one was enough to contemplate the end. Continue reading C+C: All aboard the Civic Shuttle!