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Savour this Soviet Sweetness

Soviet vehicles are as fascinating as they are strange. Sightings of Cold War collectables on our side of the Iron Curtain are uncommon at best. Fortunately thanks to the power of eBay,  Continue reading Savour this Soviet Sweetness


Tales of my Trabi #8

Last time, we established that my beloved pet project was to forever now be known as Igor (Beast of the Underworld). More importantly a new carburetor had been acquired and Igor had been chauffeured away to Continue reading Tales of my Trabi #8

Tales of my Trabi #1

For many years, I found myself oddly fascinated with the smoke churning racing cardboard, known commonly as the Trabant. Since seeing them roam the streets of Warsaw and Bucharest, my fascination only grew stronger. Just why was a young man who grew up in London obsessed with these East German nightmares? Continue reading Tales of my Trabi #1