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C+C: Titchy Twingo

Unfortunately for British consumers, the first incarnation of Renault’s peculiar city car never materialised upon our shores. Though a few found their way to enthusiastic owners in Grande Bretagne, Continue reading C+C: Titchy Twingo


C+C: Polish Polonez

FSO’s Polonez is a rare sight upon British shores, with the vast majority having never seen one of this era before. Built in Poland by FSO, who also produced the Polski Fiats, the Polonez is a staple sight on Polish roads. And now, this very example can prove to be credible of the Cheap and Cheerful feature on Motor Hipster. Continue reading C+C: Polish Polonez

C+C: All aboard the Civic Shuttle!

The Honda Civic Shuttle was largely viewed as unenthusiastic and boring throughout its lifetime. Although revolutionary in terms of space and practicality, the very sight of one was enough to contemplate the end. Continue reading C+C: All aboard the Civic Shuttle!

C+C: Unmolested AX GT

During the 80’s and early 90’s, Citroen were synonymous with hot hatches. The Saxo VTS set the supermini world on fire, the BX GTI turned out to be a hooligan and then there was the AX GT. Continue reading C+C: Unmolested AX GT