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Stolen: ’71 MK1 Capri

A call to arms once again Motor Hipster readers, another old Ford has been stolen. This time, a 1971 MK1 Capri, from Wallington in Surrey. Continue reading Stolen: ’71 MK1 Capri


Project Pit Vol IV: January 2016

The Christmas holidays are over and most of us are turning to preparing projects for the summer season. Many will already have chosen their chore chariot, though some will be lagging behind.

Fear no longer as Motor Hipster has selected Continue reading Project Pit Vol IV: January 2016

STOLEN: Car CrimeWatch

In this edition of Motor Hipster’s good Samaritan service, we’re in hot pursuit of not one, but three stolen classics. Please spread the message via social media in an effort to reunite these precious retros with their distraught owners. Continue reading STOLEN: Car CrimeWatch