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Project Pit V: March 2016

We are now through out first quarter of the year, with Spring just about to become sprung. Motor Hipsters are less distracted by chocolate eggs, baby rabbits and daffodils though, as it’s the perfect time to begin our next projects! Continue reading Project Pit V: March 2016


Stolen: Daimler DS420

Just when Cortinas and a Messerschmitt weren’t enough to hide under the rug, some sticky fingered piece of work has gone and performed a disappearing act with someone’s prized Daimler.

The restored 1980 Daimler DS420 was stolen in the early hours of Continue reading Stolen: Daimler DS420

Stolen: Mini Crime Wave!

Lately, it seems that classic car theft has risen dramatically. With this blog becoming more of a lost and found page for vintage vehicles lost in action. Particularly hard hit recently, besides elderly Fords, are classic Minis. Continue reading Stolen: Mini Crime Wave!

STOLEN: Car CrimeWatch

In this edition of Motor Hipster’s good Samaritan service, we’re in hot pursuit of not one, but three stolen classics. Please spread the message via social media in an effort to reunite these precious retros with their distraught owners. Continue reading STOLEN: Car CrimeWatch

Project Pit Vol I: January 2015

Project Pit will feature some interesting projects sourced from classified and enthusiast websites. All of these mentioned are real projects which can be purchased and towed away today.

Gather up your tools and clear that garage, because here comes Continue reading Project Pit Vol I: January 2015

Former Prime Minister’s Princess

What? – A 1967 Vanden Plas Princess 4-Litre R. Powered by a 4-litre unit from Rolls Royce, producing 175bhp, the Princess was a definitive luxury limo of its time. Already a rarity, this particular Princess has Continue reading Former Prime Minister’s Princess