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Stolen: Mini Crime Wave!

Lately, it seems that classic car theft has risen dramatically. With this blog becoming more of a lost and found page for vintage vehicles lost in action. Particularly hard hit recently, besides elderly Fords, are classic Minis. Continue reading Stolen: Mini Crime Wave!


C+C: Sinclair C5 – Celebrate 30 years!

Yes, Time Warp Tuesday has gone completely bizarre and has decided to feature as today’s Cheap and Cheerful (C+C) the laughable Continue reading C+C: Sinclair C5 – Celebrate 30 years!

Classic diesel cull on the horizon?

Worrying news is on the horizon for classic car fans once again, this time for the oil burners amongst us. A recent article by Keith Moody has instilled a deepest and darkest fear into the hearts of many of us.

Many will already be aware of Boris Johnson’s plans to Continue reading Classic diesel cull on the horizon?

5 Bargain-Basement Retro Barges

Many retro fans cannot resist the urge of the occasional luxury barge. Piloted by the managers of yesteryear or chauffeuring minor celebrities in plush comfort, there are certainly many bargains to be had in the current year. We like all of the extras too; leather seats, electric windows, heated seats, CD players and especially powerful engines.

With a respectable budget of  £2,000, what can we realistically expect?

Continue reading 5 Bargain-Basement Retro Barges