Tales of my Trabi #1

For many years, I found myself oddly fascinated with the smoke churning racing cardboard, known commonly as the Trabant. Since seeing them roam the streets of Warsaw and Bucharest, my fascination only grew stronger. Just why was a young man who grew up in London obsessed with these East German nightmares? Continue reading Tales of my Trabi #1


Nova Sports Record Price Tag

When was the last time you saw a Vauxhall Nova Sport? The answer is probably not recently, owing to their scarcity. A limited run of only 502 were ever created in 1985, so a mint condition example in the 21st century is Continue reading Nova Sports Record Price Tag

Theft Prevention #1

Far too many classic car enthusiasts are waking up in the morning to discover their pride and joy gone with the wind. Whether the vehicle is a Land Rover Defender, Ford Cortina, Volkswagen T25 Transporter or something else entirely, all owners must attempt to make preventative arrangements to deter thieves. Continue reading Theft Prevention #1

Because modern cars are too mainstream…