Ultimate off-road vehicle – A VW T2?

Land Rover and Land Cruiser fans eat your hearts out, a new breed of retro off-roading is upon us. A video has emerged from Brazil featuring various  Continue reading Ultimate off-road vehicle – A VW T2?


Theft Prevention #1

Far too many classic car enthusiasts are waking up in the morning to discover their pride and joy gone with the wind. Whether the vehicle is a Land Rover Defender, Ford Cortina, Volkswagen T25 Transporter or something else entirely, all owners must attempt to make preventative arrangements to deter thieves. Continue reading Theft Prevention #1

WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

Have you ever found yourself browsing through the classifieds, and stumbled upon something which is so bizarre that it makes you question if your eye sight has fooled you, and you’ve maybe run off the rails? Upon finding this Japanese import, it appeared that the internet had finally arrived at platform crazy! Continue reading WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

Because modern cars are too mainstream…