C+C: Titchy Twingo

Unfortunately for British consumers, the first incarnation of Renault’s peculiar city car never materialised upon our shores. Though a few found their way to enthusiastic owners in Grande Bretagne, many potential owners had to find themselves drooling from afar during journeys to the continent.

Even across mainland Europe, mk1 Twingos in decent condition are thinning out. With many older examples now at 25 years old, it’s no wonder that perfect pieces are going the way of the dodo. With a tinge of foresight, it can be sensible to predict that prices will begin to balloon; especially given how popular these cute little city cars were in the likes of its native France. I mean, why wouldn’t they be a big hit? They’re so cute that you just want to squeeze it’s little bonnet cheeks!

Above: Small dog not included!

Fancy one to run around on the schools run or to the local supermarket, however don’t want the hassle of importing, MOTing and registering? Well, Twingos sometimes appear on famous internet auction sites.

One example has recently been relisted (due to a timewasting bidder surprisingly!) and is available for a modest sum in Kings Lynn. One lady owner from new, imported from Germany with complete paperwork, bright blue and sporting the iconic full length sunroof; how could you refuse this little gem?

Despite the unwarranted miles, this terrific Twingo promises more smiles than a trip to Disneyland. Just make sure you remove those flowers – unless that’s your forte of course!

Facts and Figures
Make and Model: Renault Twingo 1.2
Year: 1999
Mileage: 130,000km (Unwarranted)
MOT Expiry: June 2018
Price: £895
Location: Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
Link: Go on, check it out!

by Mike Armstrong


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