Savour this Soviet Sweetness

Soviet vehicles are as fascinating as they are strange. Sightings of Cold War collectables on our side of the Iron Curtain are uncommon at best. Fortunately thanks to the power of eBay, 

a range of oddities from the former USSR are now available. The selection makes me feel like a kid in a Soviet sweet shop.

The first one to put in is a beautiful GAZ-24 owned by none other than Mr Putin himself. Bought with earnings following his lengthy assignment for the KGB in the former DDR, this was definitely a cherished example. The listing stated £890,000, which is a tad steep.

Brutal muscular force! Quite typically Russian! This is the Kamaz-4911, Russia’s answer to the Paris-Dakar Rally. The 17-litre, 850bhp beast from the east won trophies and stages all over the world, even crossing five continents in a single rally. Perfect for the morning commute in the home counties!

A GAZ-M72 in DDR livery, complete with an anti-aircraft missile launcher? Shut up and take my money! This particular example served in East Berlin up until it was repatriated in the run up to the final removal of all Russian personnel and vehicles in 1994. Once found, it underwent full restoration. If you’re looking for a vehicle to fetch the shopping from Tesco during the week and fend off impending aerial assaults at the weekend, it’s worth every penny of the £169,990 asking price!

Time for something truly vintage. This GAZ-M415 was used in the fight against fascist invasion from Hitler’s Nazi forces on the Eastern Front. Coming fully restored, it is ready to fend off the future-coming attack of rising fascism.

Just look at this bloody thing! The Aerosled Ka-30 looks like a prop from the set of a James Bond film. Built to reach far-flung areas, where wheels cannot survive, this sledded mail van of death will always track you down! Luckily, this example would have tracked you down and dropped off your magazine subscription.

by Mike Armstrong


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