Should we bring back Max Power Motors?

Again, you probably think I’m not all there mentally (still waiting on those test results), but bear with me.

Yes okay, the in–your–face modifications of the 90’s were an acquired taste, and yes, many Saxo’s were wrapped around lamp posts, presumably because the 17 year old driver was busy playing on the Playstation he’d installed in his dash while driving. However there was originality and creativity, as teenage Darrens and Daves all over the country made their mum’s old Nova look ‘wikid, innit’, purely to be the envy of Mcdonald’s carpark at night.

Above: Darrens and Daves from the “Golden Age.”

It’s not til you go to a show such as Ultimate Dubs that you realise originality is dying in the car scene. (Yes there are guys putting Audi RS5 engines in VW Transporters etc, but shush, this isn’t for you.)

The simple fact is, everything is heading the same way in the younger person’s car scene. ‘Oh yes your bagged wrapped Golf can have centre stage; just keep that stock 1.9TDI out of view.’

But let’s return from that tangent. The UK car scene needs something different. Something that stands out. So this generation’s Darrens and Daves, don’t look at that Fiesta ST finance plan. Cancel that 18 plate Corsa test drive. Go get your mum’s hand me down Citroen C2 and make it your own. Make it different.

by Alex Young


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