Kentish V-Dub Klub Fish n Chips Run ’18

Tankerton Slopes (Whitstable, Kent) has become famous for several things over the years. Windfarms, artsy gentrification and second homes for Londoners. Another growing tradition is the amount of classic car shows and meets throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Mid-April played host to the Kentish V-Dub Klub’s annual Fish ‘n’ Chips Run, which delivered a rich display of air-cooled and early water-cooled gems.

A mint looking Split screen, one of many to grace the Kent coastline.

Another wearing the colours of peace and love!

The owner of this mint restored split screen described how he first purchased this in 2003 and spent countless years to bring her up to scratch. A fine job done at that!

Want to engage your children in the classic car scene? This is how it’s done!

Who doesn’t love this sexy beast right here?

It’s okay if you’re finding yourself a little excited at this view.

I guess you can follow them on Facebook!

A bay window next to the bay. Who says Motor Hipster isn’t in the business of puns?

by Mike Armstrong


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