The OhSoRetro Show Review

Today in Margate, the roar of classic cars woke up local residents. The sound of bellowing V8s, the squeal of air-cooled VWs and everything else in between paid a visit to the home of Dreamland. Motor Hipster set out to snap some retro goodness in the garden of England.

A rather strange Scirocco, styled like an 80’s Japanese street racer. “It gets your attention, doesn’t it?” proclaims the owner, “so it’s doing its job right”.

A barn find Datsun. You could say it’s seen better days…

A Mini in stilettos. Even complete with a trailer.

Ingenious Volkswagen wing mirrors on a Splitty.

Probably the world’s largest gathering of Sinclair C5s.

A collection of slammed Mercs.

Killer Kei-truck. Slammed Honda Acty.

One of many beautiful Beetles.

A cherished vintage Chevy.

Come and take a seat with this fabulous Ford Model A.

Or hitch a ride on the back of this Model T.

Rear-engined Mini Clubman. Definitely the most pant staining Mini at the show.

No show is complete without the classic yank tanks. This time, a ’58 Oldsmobile.

One of many Ford Escorts. Over 50 per cent of the show must have been these or Minis.

Some tasty Japanese retros too. Including this drift-tastic MR2.

As well as this ravishing RX7.

A rather more rugged Fiat.

A beautiful Metro, oddly registered in 1996. Old body on a newer chassis maybe?

An Austin Maestro AA van. It’s been almost 20 years since these were in active service.

A rare as rocking horse excrement Volvo 66.

A vintage roadster fitting for an episode of Wacky Racers.

A gorgeous Ford Anglia.


Got more pics? Place a link in the comments section below or on Twitter #MotorHipster.


by Mike Armstrong



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