Citroen embarrasses Aston Martins in race

Aston Martins are generally renowned for their performance and their high price tags. Only the privileged few, Mr Bond included, can experience the raw power of the likes of the DBS. Should your budget not stretch far enough to purchase your very own Aston, then we have an alternative solution.

Buy yourself a Citroen C15 van! That’s right, the ancient Citroen van based on the long dead Visa is now a viable alternative to Mr Bond’s pride and joy.

Footage has emerged of an impromptu road rally, featuring three Aston Martins on some twisty mountain passes, whereby the poverty spec Citroen is causing the upset of the century.

Admittedly, this is probably more down to the suicidal driving skills of the van driver than the overly potent diesel engine under the hood. Either way, this ticks all of the right boxes at Motor Hipster.

by Mike Armstrong


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