WTF? – Transparent Mehari

Citroen‘s Mehari was definitely one of their most iconic vehicles from the 60’s until the 80’s. Constructed originally for military use, the Mehari used a Dyane 6 chassis to create quite a fun beach buggy. Certainly, this was a great example of the French automaker’s innovative design.

So popular was the old school Mehari that a new electric version, the E-Mehari, has just been launched in some markets throughout Europe and is expected to begin in the UK in the near future.

As expected, prices for Meharis have sky-rocketed in recent years, with pristine examples fetching surprising amounts. So if you’re planning to purchase the original version, you will need to dig deep.

What if you’re after a Mehari which separates you from the crowd? Look no further! Behold the transparent Citroen!

Spotted at a show in France, this modified Dyane in Mehari clothing really brings a fresh and unique appeal to an already sub-zero cool Citroen.

Okay, so now you are browsing through your local internet classified site for your own translucent toy. Fear not, as body kits are available online to complete your very own version.

Do you own a Mehari? Would you trade your factory paintwork for this translucent make-over? Comment below to air your views or hit Twitter #MotorHipster.


By Mike Armstrong


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