Project Pit V: March 2016

We are now through out first quarter of the year, with Spring just about to become sprung. Motor Hipsters are less distracted by chocolate eggs, baby rabbits and daffodils though, as it’s the perfect time to begin our next projects!

If last month’s AMC Pacer, Peugeot D4 and Ford Capri weren’t to your taste, then this selection should help wet your appetite more. You are spoiled this month for the current selection of barn finds, starting with:

1958 Moskwich 407

Comrad Motor Hipster has found a rather delightful communist classic. From Russia with love is this 1958 Moskwitch 407, complete with original period Russian plates and no documents. Thankfully it starts and is apparently fully original. Having been sitting in a garage for many-a-year, until last July when the current owner purchased her, the time has come to bring this devochka back to life. Available on eBay.

1979 William Lambretta Van/Scooter/Bubble Car thing

A vehicle so bizarre that it almost ended up on WTF? Spared for now, despite its Postman Pat appearance due to the sheer awesomeness of this thing. Currently located in Wareham (Dorset), this micro car has been sat in the corner of a barn for many long years. Originally from France, the bodywork appears to be immaculate, with only the engine appearing to need proper attention. Grab it now on eBay.

1963 Jaguar E Type

A 1963 Jaguar E Type is special enough in its own right, however this one is a stand out example. Not for its condition, found under a hedge in Surrey needing to be fully restored from the ground up. The reason this beauty shines bright is because of its first owner, Ivor Arbiter; better known to some as the guy that designed a Beatles logo. With superbly low mileage of 44,870 and still displaying a tax disc from November 1969, this E Type will make someone very happy when it’s auction off at COYS Spring Classics Auction on 8th March 2016.

by Mike Armstrong


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