WTF? – Horrifying Hearse

Readers who found last week’s Thomas the Tank Engine bus mock-up too much to handle will be delighted to discover this week’s addition WTF? is somewhat more tame…

Of course that is a total lie, as this Japanese import is equally filled with creepy doses of WTF? Based upon a humble Cadillac Fleetwood, this vehicle is actually a hearse. Judge not as classic hearses are indeed highly collectable amongst the classic scene. A typical Cadillac Fleetwood hearse of this era would usually look like this.

Rather bleak, although typical. Now, this particular vehicle is rather different. Imagine cutting away the rear of the body, and dropping a Buddhist temple on top, now we’re getting closer. Feast your eyes upon this beauty!

Just in case you’re wondering if the temple did actually fall on top of this American classic during an earthquake, it is actually a fairly typical mode of transport to the afterlife. Described as the Tokyo style by the seller, one of the most common hearses in Japan, the ornament is typically placed upon the vehicle and decorated elaborately.

No one is questioning the Japanese way of life, or death, and certainly nobody disagrees that Buddhist temples are magnificent to behold. With that said, the average UK buyer will not quite understand what to make of this beast. Maybe putting it in a more familiar context would help…Pokemon! It’s simply the motoring equivalent of a Slowbro, where a Shelder bites upon the tail of a Slowpoke.

Mind you, wasn’t Slowbro well known for appearing to be a bit tonto?

For just a Pound shy of £9,000, this Caddy hearse of horror can be yours as it arrive upon our shores in April. Clearly it would be a great investment for someone looking to provide an authentic Buddhist ceremony, or to pick up the deceased from the terrifying train bus. Maybe even a sensible daily driver for the Japanese version of the Adams Family. Either way, I would personally hope to have the vehicle cremated with me.

by Mike Armstrong


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