WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

Have you ever found yourself browsing through the classifieds, and stumbled upon something which is so bizarre that it makes you question if your eye sight has fooled you, and you’ve maybe run off the rails? Upon finding this Japanese import, it appeared that the internet had finally arrived at platform crazy!

For the inner child, who has knocked back a large dosage of hallucinogenic mushrooms, this one is for you! A 1997 Mitsubishi Rosa school bus is hardly high upon most Motor Hipster readers’ shopping lists, although this one is certainly worth looking out for.


Arguably the bastard child of Thomas the Tank Engine, a tram and a sinister sibling of a Disneyland ride; this terrifying piece of motoring mash-up is now available to purchase via the medium of eBay. Able to carry 37 horrified children, this beast could be a worthwhile investment for anyone aiming to launch their own nursery or party bus business; so the salesmen would have you believe. The reality is that this bus would be a Safeguarding nightmare, causing sleepless nights and emotional traumas which will haunt the poor kiddies for the rest of their lives.

Some parents find amusement in telling children scary stories, usually with the aim of dissuading them from nabbing cookies from the biscuit tin. This is on a whole new level! Whoever purchases Thomas the Terrible should be taken away by the men in white coats and locked up in a straight jacket in a padded cell. Restraining orders should be placed upon this vehicle and  whoever created it, pushing them away from any areas where children typically occupy.


Ozzy Osbourne may have been going off the rails on his crazy train, but this is quite frankly otherworldly. The interior picture above would certainly set the scene brilliantly for a post-apocalyptic horror film, owing to just how eerie it seems.

In all seriousness, this is certainly an unique creation, which should be shared across the internet for its creativity. Just don’t be surprised if this terrifying train/bus becomes a killer cult character, akin to the Slenderman.


by Mike Armstrong


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