C+C: Polish Polonez

FSO’s Polonez is a rare sight upon British shores, with the vast majority having never seen one of this era before. Built in Poland by FSO, who also produced the Polski Fiats, the Polonez is a staple sight on Polish roads. And now, this very example can prove to be credible of the Cheap and Cheerful feature on Motor Hipster.

Currently located in Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland, the seller has recently brought the vehicle over from Poland. Still on the pre-2000 black Polish plates, this 1997 Polonez Caro ticks all of the right boxes for someone who wants a budget retro, with a difference.

Powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine and based upon the Fiat 125p chassis, the Polonez bares a large similarity to the likes of the Lada Riva. This car will need registering and a little work to pass the MOT, but it’s nothing that can’t be done with little bother.

Facts and Figures
Make and Model: FSO Polonez Caro
Year: 1997
Mileage: Unknown
MOT Expiry: None
Price: £770 (Current bid)
Location: Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
Link: View it here

by Mike Armstrong


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