Stolen: Defender and lesson in e-safety

Another day, another stolen Defender. At this rate, not a single example will exist upon our shores by the end of the year! This particular theft serves us as a lesson, to prevent the criminals from tracking your prized Land Rover down.

Firstly, the car. An S reg Land Rover Defender 90, finished in dark green, has been stolen from Arbroath in Angus; as the owner returned from their night shift in the early hours of Thursday 11th February 2016 to discover that they had become the next victim in a crime spree. Any eagle eyed readers are urged to keep their eyes peeled for the Defender, registration number “S832 KTS”.

Thieves are believed to have tracked the Defender down from a classified advert, allegedly on the Gumtree website. Advertising for parts, the owner provided their address, to which the thief is believed to have used to track down and remove the vehicle. As the keys were left at the owner’s home, a reason to suspect that a low-loader was involved is not unreasonable.

So in the meantime, be sure to never provide your address on any classified websites unless deemed safe to do so. Also, keep your eyes peeled for this Defender and report anything suspicious to the Police on 101.


by Mike Armstrong.


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