WTF? – Micro Totrod

As motoring enthusiasts, it can be reasonable to assume that our childhoods were spent yearning to get behind the wheel of our very own vehicle. Browsing through the classified adverts at the local newsagent was our prompt for future aspirations and optimistic fantasies. For some of us, the pull of the open road was over-powering, and something had to be done.

For most children, a bicycle or a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe sufficed. Exceptions to those rules always existed to fuel our envy, usually children of more prosperous backgrounds tended to purchase something a little more abstract. Should you remain unsure, then divert your focus to the image below.

Boy with mini Land Cruiser

Three years ago, Australian site revealed the luckiest child in the world, who had his own scale model of a Toyota Land Cruiser. Those of us who saw this at the time have tried to suppress our jealousy, and those coming to its acquaintance now shall begin to believe their childhood was mis-spent.

Australia is quite far away to offer a cash price for this mini truck, so this wouldn’t exactly be like stealing candy from a baby. Fear not though, as an even better example has arrived to an auction site near us.

Comprised of trimmed down Ford Pop parts, with a 50cc motor mounted aboard, this faux retro will make your childhood seem rubbish.

Readers with children of their own should grab this unique opportunity to engage their attention towards retro motoring from an early age. Styled similar to a multitude of American pick-up trucks, this rat-look micro yank tank is guaranteed to make childhood unforgettable.

At 7ft long, this definitely isn’t the work of eBay tricksters trying to fool customers in bad humour. The white wheel tyres with red rims add an extra early dose of scene points for the driver of the little totrod.

With four days left on the auction, wannabe buyers should add their bid as soon as possible; with the current price reaching almost £800 at the time of writing. Motor Hipster urges you to make someone’s childhood years the best ever!


by Mike Armstrong


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