Stolen: ’71 MK1 Capri

A call to arms once again Motor Hipster readers, another old Ford has been stolen. This time, a 1971 MK1 Capri, from Wallington in Surrey.

Finished in dark red with a black bonnet, the Capri was registered on the plate “JJW 199K”. Believed to have been stolen during the run up to 12th February, the owners are no doubt distraught by their loss. The Capri is currently running a 3.0-litre Essex V6 with a 4-speed transmission. Other notable featured include fibreglass front wings, a Webasto sunroof with deflector and MK3 S seats and centre console.

Whether they are linked to similar thefts of Fords nearby, including the Transit and Anglia van, is unknown. However this is too convenient to simply be the work of convenience.

Any sightings or information should be reported immediately to the Metropolitan Police, dialling 101.


by Mike Armstrong.


2 thoughts on “Stolen: ’71 MK1 Capri”

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