Fancy a Lego Land Rover?

Word around the classic car scene is that the Land Rover Defender is as tough as old boots. Now you can truly find out for yourself that Landies are built like brick s-word houses, Lego bricks that is!

A father and son team have bonded together to bond bricks to form everyone’s favourite off-roader. Whilst the real deal is no longer in production, the team aim to immortalize the legendary British classic in the form of Lego.

Comprised of 1,100 bricks, the Series III Land Rover would make the ideal present for the Defender fans among us; a certain go-to item for Christmas 2016. The creators have pitched the idea to Lego, who will review the possibility of production should the level of support reach 10,000 likes.

So if you fancy a bit of a therapeutic challenge, want a Land Rover but don’t want to risk theft, or want to make a surprise purchase for a loved one, visit the project page and cast a supporting vote. Motor Hipster sure has!

by Mike Armstrong


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