London Classic Car Show 2016: Five Reasons to go

As The London Classic Car Show gears up for another spectacular show for 2016, Motor Hipster would like to provide a sneak preview of what is expected to come. Roll up, roll up and bring your wallet for that impulsive purchase.

See last year’s review right here.

Ferrari Shooting-Brake?


Why the hell not? A completely unique design, crafted professionally from a standard 1965 330GT, which ended sharing not a single panel with the donor. Crafted by Vignale in 1968 for Luigi Chinetti Jr, son of the American Ferrari importer, this will provide a once in a life-time opportunity to view this one off Ferrari. Unless you buy it of course…

Beautiful Bentley

1954 Bentley R-type Continental


Surely we’ve not forgotten the undeniably pretty Bentley R-Type from our article in November 2014? Why would you? Well, now it’s time to meet your heroes doppelganger. This 1954 R-Type Continental will be joining our custom Vignale Ferrari at the prestigious event.

Shaken, and definitely stirred!

2008 Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale Special

A car for anyone fond of Mr Bond. This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill 2008 Aston Martin DBS, it’s actually the “Casino Royale” special edition. Built for the daughter of Bond film director Cubby Broccoli, this one off Bondmobile will be sure to gather crowds. If you needed any other reason to dislike Broccoli, here it is.

Fairly normal Mercedes…

SL Shop Sportline 1

Press release, oh press release, why do you hype up such mundane cannon fodder? A regular white bread Mercedes-Benz 500SL in regular red with some hateful vanity plate. It does have modern fuel injection from modern Mercs though, which makes it more livable. You know, like those modern E-Type things they had last year…


Not so boring news from Peugeot!

Celebrating 120 years in the business this year really calls for a celebration. What better way than to showcase some of your performance past? A road-going 1985 Peugeot 205 T16, along with the actual 405 T16 which conquered the Pike’s Peak Hillclimb event in 1988, will be on show alongside some modern trash. The four wheel steering 405 icon will be accompanied by the man who piloted it to fame, Ari Vatanen, to officially open the show on Thursday 18th February 2016. Phwoar!


Book your tickets now from their website if you would like to attend, and please share photos in the comments section.


by Mike Armstrong


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