Defend Against Land Rover Theft Outbreak

As the final Defender rolled off the production line last week, a chapter was closed in the book of motoring legend. Demand for these vehicles has never been higher though, owing to their durability and a cult following.

No one is surprised to discover that Defenders are 

on the post-Christmas wish list of organised gangs across the country. With rising prices and global demand, particularly in the USA for 25 year old examples, owners are increasingly finding themselves waking up with the discovery that someone has stolen their Defender. The extent of criminality has been so prevalent that Cheshire Police have even released a leaflet, instructing owners on how to defend their Defenders.

Motor Hipster has a zero tolerance policy towards car thieves, and urges the internet to unite as a sign of solidarity to help shut down an obvious organised crime ring across the UK. Here is a compilation of some of the past month’s stolen Landies.

1: A18 POC – Luddenden Foot.

1998 Defender 90 300 tdi stolen from the owner’s farm in Luddenden Foot, near Halifax in West Yorkshire, on Friday 29th January 2016. The owner’s grandson almost managed to retrieve the vehicle, after it was spotted parked in a side street in Mixendon; however it managed to retreat before they arrived.

2: G261 BVS – Newark.

Image: Courtesy of @StolenAlerts via Twitter.

Swiped from their loyal owners in Newark on 25th January 2016, this long wheel base Defender 110 is among the missing Landies list. Finished in blue, this 1990 Defender is finished in blue and needs to be returned home.

3: R941 EKH – Chelford.

Nicked from Chelford in Cheshire, this 1998 Defender 90 is just another of the best 4x4s to go too far. Stolen on the evening of the 26th January, Police in Cheshire are urging anyone who notices anything suspicious to contact the them immediately.

4: BG59 BND – Bentley


Stolen from Bentley in North Warwickshire between 22:00 on Saturday 30th January and 07:15 on Sunday 31st January 2016, the owners are obviously distraught. Local police have urged anyone with any information to contact them on 101.

5: G403 MLG – Northfield.

This 1990 SWB was taken from their grieving owners in Northfield, near Birmingham at 23:00 on 5th January. The thieves are described as being two white males in hoodies. Any information to unmask these toe rags should be passed onto the Police immediately.

6: FV14 CHC – Gainsborough.

Embedded image permalink

A nearly new 2014 110 disappeared in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire on the evening of Monday 1st February.

7: SG54 XVR – Edinburgh.

A short wheel base 2004 model in silver was stolen from Edinburgh on 27th January 2016. Reported to have 46,000 miles on the clock, with presumably more since the theft.

8: ND02 LWE – Co. Durham.

A very distinctive white 110 hard top was removed on 26th January 2016 at approximately 23:25 from its owner in County Durham. Reported sightings of it heading up the A183 towards Sunderland have been stated.

Sad times for Land Rover


These only make up a few of the stolen classics, forming part of a serious organised crime mission. As always, keep your eyes peeled for any of these Defenders. Be sure to watch out for dodgy parts and sellers, like this one on eBay, and report anything you see to the police on 101.


by Mike Armstrong


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