Fabulous Ferrari Testarossa

What? – A true icon of the 80’s, a left hand drive 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio. Monospecchio meaning Continue reading Fabulous Ferrari Testarossa


WTF? – Horrifying Hearse

Readers who found last week’s Thomas the Tank Engine bus mock-up too much to handle will be delighted to discover this week’s addition WTF? is somewhat more tame… Continue reading WTF? – Horrifying Hearse

WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

Have you ever found yourself browsing through the classifieds, and stumbled upon something which is so bizarre that it makes you question if your eye sight has fooled you, and you’ve maybe run off the rails? Upon finding this Japanese import, it appeared that the internet had finally arrived at platform crazy! Continue reading WTF? – All aboard the crazy train!

C+C: Polish Polonez

FSO’s Polonez is a rare sight upon British shores, with the vast majority having never seen one of this era before. Built in Poland by FSO, who also produced the Polski Fiats, the Polonez is a staple sight on Polish roads. And now, this very example can prove to be credible of the Cheap and Cheerful feature on Motor Hipster. Continue reading C+C: Polish Polonez

WTF? – Micro Totrod

As motoring enthusiasts, it can be reasonable to assume that our childhoods were spent yearning to get behind the wheel of our very own vehicle. Browsing through the classified adverts at the local newsagent was our prompt for future aspirations and optimistic fantasies. For some of us, the pull of the open road was over-powering, and something had to be done. Continue reading WTF? – Micro Totrod