Stolen: Daimler DS420

Just when Cortinas and a Messerschmitt weren’t enough to hide under the rug, some sticky fingered piece of work has gone and performed a disappearing act with someone’s prized Daimler.

The restored 1980 Daimler DS420 was stolen in the early hours of January 19th from Wisbech. Breaching a 12ft security fence, the thieves made off with the classic, after replacing the dud battery. The vehicle had been registered as SORN, with the MOT expiring in December 2015.

Distraught owner, Charlotte Mackelden, has offered a reward for the safe return of the British limousine. The Daimler is adorned in a black over ivory paint job, wearing the registration number “FKZ 8767”.

Should you come across any information or potential sightings, please get in touch with Charlotte Mackelden on 07935 054947 and dial 101 quoting CF0026270116.

In the mean time, let’s make this a roaring success, like with last week’s Messerschmitt. Share this article on social media, post on forums and tell your friends to keep their eyes peeled.


by Mike Armstrong


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