Project Pit Vol IV: January 2016

The Christmas holidays are over and most of us are turning to preparing projects for the summer season. Many will already have chosen their chore chariot, though some will be lagging behind.

Fear no longer as Motor Hipster has selected a few projects worth investing good time and money into. What are you waiting for?

1976 AMC Pacer

When Americans in the 70’s attempted to make a sophisticated European hatchback, they created the AMC Pacer. As wide as your typical yank tank, but with shorter dimensions, the Pacer definitely became a 70’s icon. Why this Pacer though? Surely any will do, right? Below is an image which will answer this exact enigma…

That’s right folks, RIGHT HAND DRIVE! An independent company did in fact convert these left hookers to the right hand side for us limey folk, making this more practical than the typical American import of the time. Scrub this baby up, and you’ve captured a rare beast.

1955 Peugeot D4

Very rare Peugeot D4 van For Sale (1955)

Rarer than hen’s teeth, so the owner would lead us to believe. With only 46,000 manufactured, this would be an accurate assumption. An ancient French van, maybe for a catering company, which isn’t your typical Citroen HY! Offered as a partial restoration, whatever that means, this Peugeot project would raise a lot of eyebrows on the classic scene.

1979 Ford Capri


Want to enter the world of nut and bolt restoration, but not quite sure how to use the tools just yet? This one owner Capri is ideal for you! With a staggering 16,000 miles on the clock, this Capri is too good to be missed. Owing to the superb original condition, only a light restoration is necessary; with a respray recommended by the seller. Although a tad pricey, this time warp Capri is a rare opportunity. Being an old Ford, Motor Hipster would highly recommend some form of security, owing to incidents like this.


by Mike Armstrong


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