STOLEN:Messerschmitt KR175

The classic car fairy gone rogue has struck again, this time opting not to swipe a Cortina. Oddly, the thieves have made off with an owner’s cherished Messerschmitt KR175.

Swiped from a lock-up in Edinburgh on 19th January 2016, the rightful owner has unsurprisingly had their bubble burst. Sporting the registration “TPX 743”, members of the public are urged to keep their eyes peeled for the oddly shaped bubble car. The car is described as red with a cracked glass dome.

Manufactured in Germany from 1952 by the Messerschmitt aircraft company, only 16,000 examples were ever produced. Approximately 15 are known to exist in the UK, making this an extremely difficult classic to break for parts or clone.

Any information or potential sightings should be reported to the Edinburgh Police immediately. In the meantime, spread the news via social media, keep a close eye on the classifieds and report all incidents.


By Mike Armstrong


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