Classic Catering Vans: Which to go for?

As motor hipsters, we like our vehicles classic and our catering gentrified! No longer do we tolerate poor quality greasy spoons at local and national shows during the summer season. Winter is the ideal time to begin preparation for the upcoming show season, and choosing the right tool for the job can make a vital impact on sales. So avoid the generic box catering trailer and opt for something a little bit more interesting. Struggling to pick your poison? Here are a few suggestions:

1 – Renault Estafette.


The French gendarmerie’s favourite from days of yore. This French classic was largely confined to dismal French village markets until recently, when the gentrified crowd began taking interest in this forgotten French fancy.


2: Citroen HY.

Citroen hy foodtruck For Sale (1966)

Another French selection which has similarly received a large boost in popularity. Dig deep though, as these tend to cost a pretty penny.


3: Barkas B1000.

Certainly a left field choice, from the extreme left wing. Most people in Britain would never have laid eyes upon this East German mystery machine. These are sure to rise in popularity with the premium coffee caterers at some point soon, so grab one before they become famous.


4: Commer.

Now for a British classic! What better way to pitch pricey pulled pork rolls than with one of our homegrown campers? Certainly not one of the most popular choices, but definite to stand out from the crowd of Citroen HY’s and modern tat.


5: Volkswagen Transporter.

Cliche? Almost certainly! However the Volkswagen Transporter never fails to turn heads at any occasion. T2 Splitties and bays will draw in the crowds, but will only prove reachable to the deepest of budgets. T25 conversions will provoke plenty of interest in their own right, but with a significant saving. Plus a MK3 Golf TDI engine conversion will save on travel expenses!


Which is best?

How long is a piece of string? The tool you need depends on your branding and needs. The above would make excellent choices, however the world of classic cars reaches into galaxies far-far-away. Maybe our previously featured Mira disguised as a Mini will fit like a glove. Share your suggestions in the comments or on Twitter.


by Mike Armstrong


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