Anyone Missing A ’69 Impala?

Owing to the recent sour news of stolen classics hitting our headlines, surely the time has finally come for something positive to report? Alas, that time is right now!

A recently stolen and abandoned 1969 Chevrolet Impala SuperSport has surfaced in the Surrey commuter town of Sutton. Dazed, confused, and still wearily sporting its original Idaho registration plates (2CJM614), the local constabulary have found themselves puzzled over this yank tank’s arrival.

Attempts to trace this American muscle car’s owner have proven fruitless, with the police resorting to the internet to find the classic’s true home.

The Chevy was discovered abandoned on the junction of Cheam Road and Belmont Rise in Sutton on the morning of Tuesday 17th February. Suffering heavy frontal damage, the white Impala may now simply be fit for scrap.

Despite the current condition, it would be a crying shame for the vehicle to go to scrap without the current owner’s consent, especially owing to their rarity on British shores.

A deadline of Friday 20th March has been set to claim back your missing muscle car, in which case you should contact Surrey Police on 101 claiming the crime reference 4001824/15. Be advised, you will need to provide documented evidence of ownership, so no trying to blag a free Impala!

Image: The heavy damage suffered by the '69 Impala

by Mike Armstrong


Where did all of these Minis go?




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