STOLEN: Car CrimeWatch

In this edition of Motor Hipster’s good Samaritan service, we’re in hot pursuit of not one, but three stolen classics. Please spread the message via social media in an effort to reunite these precious retros with their distraught owners.

Captive Capri – Reg no: GOO 640T

First up is a 1979 Ford Capri 2.8 stolen from Northern Bristol on 20th February. The vehicle itself is distinctly modified; with a large spoiler, an aftermarket body kit and alloys, and a later five speed gearbox.

Alleged reports of sightings on the M5 motorway, Newport and various other locations in between, lead us to believe it’s somewhere in South Wales, Gloucestershire or Bristol area. Links to travellers may also be a line of enquiry owing to a reported incident of a man with an Irish accent offering the car back on receipt of ransom money.

Mysteriously vanished Morris Oxford – Reg no: DRR 623J

This stunning little ’71 Oxford appears to have Morris danced away from its rightful owner early this morning. At around 03:40, this British classic was swiped from the owner’s hands at their residence in Stoke-on-Trent.

Information is limited at this time, however any possible sightings or questions should be either directed to the police or via the poster on RetroRides.

EDIT: 9/3/2015 – The Morris Oxford was discovered unharmed in a local supermarket car park on 5th March 2015, and has been reunited with its rightful owner. One point for the good guys!

 Missing Mini

Our third and final missing person vehicle is a humble silver 1988 Austin Mini. Displaced by thieving scum in the late hours of 22nd February from the owner’s home in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, the vehicle is still out there.

Look out for the distinctive black arches and roof, along with the black four-spoke Revolution alloy wheels. Other stand-out features include bucket seats and yellow painted suspension arms, block and subframe.

Please report any sightings to the thread starter here or to the police.

by Mike Armstrong

Another stolen Ford to look out for!



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