C+C: All aboard the Civic Shuttle!

The Honda Civic Shuttle was largely viewed as unenthusiastic and boring throughout its lifetime. Although revolutionary in terms of space and practicality, the very sight of one was enough to contemplate the end.

Fast-forward to the year 2015 though, and a strange turn has been taken. No longer are these Japanese people carriers viewed as disposable mobile trash cans, but of promising potential projects.

Inspired by the concept Lancia Megagamma, the Civic Shuttle took the form of a tall people carrier. The second generation Shuttle (fourth Generation Civic) sold well in the UK. In recent years though, they have gradually began to disappear from existence.  As a direct result, the world of motoring enthusiasts has begun to save the reputation of the endangered MPV.

Similarly to the Lada Riva, this humble Honda has been given the scene points treatment, with many photos and blogs appearing online resembling this:

Image: Found via Google, by Koji Karimata.

With this simple bizarre love affair, the reputation of the Civic Shuttle has been revitalised.

One has been found on auction site, eBay, from 1990. The second generation Shuttle comes with a 1.4-litre petrol unit, mounted to an automatic gearbox. The cherry on top is the full service history and full year’s MOT, which reassures potential bidders of the high quality of this vehicle.

Low mileage examples like this should be cherished and saved for future generations. However if the modifying scene has led you to overcome your fear of molesting standard vehicles, there is tons of potential with this Shuttle.

Facts and Figures
Make and Model: Honda Civic Shuttle
Year: 1990
Mileage: 51,000
MOT Expiry: In 12 months
Price: £895
Location: East Grinstead. West Sussex
Link: View it here

by Mike Armstrong



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