Subtly Different Skyline

What? – A 1990 Nissan Skyline 3.0 Autech Zagato Stelvio. One of only 104 ever produced for that matter. Never heard of it before? No wonder. Nissan approached Italian design house, Zagato, and coach built a rather special beast. Based on the regular F31 Nissan Leopard, the Autech Zagato is the definition of futuristic Eighties cool.

Why? – Do you think it looks familiar to a certain Aston Martin? See below for reference.

Couple the Aston Martin looks with more reliable Nissan parts, and you have yourself a bargain supercar. Produced as the 40th unit, only 103 others exist worldwide, with a very low proportion currently residing in the UK. Therefore exclusivity will be a guarantee.

Furthermore, the Autech tuned 3.0-litre V6 produces in excess of 276bhp, proving swift competition to many more established sports cars of that era.

Where? – Originally found on eBay, but recently removed. Still available on the dealer’s website. Currently located in Middlesbrough.

Odometer reading? – A stunning 41,000 miles. It’s just breaking in!

The Bad Bits? – The time where you have to tell people that’s it a Nissan, not an Aston. First world problems!

How Much? – £28,000.

Got a Link?Right here.

by Mike Armstrong

Fancy some Jap retro, but on a lower budget?



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