WTF? – Manic Mini Mira

WTF? returns in a blaze of glory with a British classic from the Land of the Rising Sun. Obviously a gross misuse of oxymoron you may be pondering, as your cursor moves away from this webpage and towards something with fluffy kittens. But bare with us on this one!

Let us shed light on this ambiguity with the above image. It certainly seems like one of our regular British Mini’s in a retro shade of brown. Although it appears to have recently become conjoined with a garden shed, presumably in some freak gardening incident. Join in with the majority of humanity and leer at its ugliness, poking it with a stick to see if its still alive. If Postman Pat’s van and Mr Bean’s Mini gave birth to a love child, which endured an abusive substance fuelled pregnancy, and was later dragged along its back through the mud upon entering this world, we’d expect something along these lines.

Leer not as this vehicle is advertised for one thing only, attracting attention. Despite its odd proportions, people will fail to avert their gaze for more than a few mere seconds, creating the perfect opportunity for a promotion vehicle. Whether it will be plugging a company at next summer’s motor shows or dishing out pulled pork sandwiches at a trendy music festival, this mutant Mini has a certain appeal to it.

We could go as far as crowning this the world’s most interesting Mini, were it not for the fact that it’s not actually what it seems. An imposter, a rogue, a fraud. Underneath the leaning tower of British Leyland, is actually a humble Daihatsu Mira van with a 660cc petrol engine. Not that it really matters, as the marvellous handling would have likely been slaughtered upon adding a 60’s style tower block to the rear of the vehicle.

All jokes and obvious criticisms aside, the Mini Mira is actually a perfectly likeable piece of machinery. Oddly proportioned it may be, at least it’s not half-heartedly cut and shut together like our previously featured Peugeot 205 contraption, nor are you likely to lose your head like another “British” conversion. For what it’s designed for, this peculiar van is vastly interesting, and will likely stun just about everyone who lays their eyes upon it.

Long live the Mini Mira, in all its oddity!

by Mike Armstrong


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