Project Pit Vol II: February 2015

The second instalment of Project Pit hopes to bring some warmth to your chilly Winter blues. Exciting projects will entice us, and motivate us to get to work before the summer show season.

Last month’s edition featured some rather rare beasts. Alas, let the show go on.

1976 Saab 99

Excavated from its dry grave, from which it has laid since 1995, this Saab 99 needs to feel more than a slight dash of TLC. Based in Fife, Scotland, this ancient Saab will require many electrical issues to be sorted, besides the perishable goods. Fear not, as the green machine does run (See video for proof) and comes complete with some spare parts included, all for £850.

1984 Subaru Leone GLF

In all honesty, I had to Google this one! It’s a 1984 Subaru Leone GLF, or what’s left of one. Granted, you’re statistically more likely to locate the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow than find another, but this rotten Subaru will require a stellar effort to return to the road. Slumbering away since 1998, this will be the ideal project for the retro Japanese car enthusiast. Potential buyers should collect it from Derbyshire for scrap value, at £150.

1959 Citroen 2CV

Barn find Citroen 2CV (project) For Sale (1959)
Everyone loves the Citroen 2CV. A definitive French classic, which spent most of its life trundling around southern France, until becoming garage-bound in the 1980’s. A British buyer imported it to the UK two years ago, where the tin snail has stood dormant since. With just 65,000kms (40,000 miles) on the clock, this early 2CV should be snapped up immediately. The owner asks for £2,999. Not absolutely terrible considering the ever-appreciating value of those little Citroens. Plus, tax and MOT exempt…just saying.

1966 Ford Taunus

A very rare Ford Taunus project!!!! For Sale (1966)
 Brits will rave on about the Ford Cortina, but the Germans had something else going on entirely. The Ford Taunus was a popular choice across Europe, with the third generation being the first in history to utilise front-wheel drive technology. One is available, dry stored in Spain. Although needing a complete restoration, this is a very rare three door estate model. Top it off with a V6 Cologne unit, the £950 asking price seems quite reasonable. Now to get it shipped back to Blighty!
by Mike Armstrong


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