Rat Look Trabant

What? – One of the final run of the East German Trabants. A 1987 Kombi model, fitted with the traditional two-stroke smoky engine; the Trabant became a symbol of life in Communist-run East Germany. One has come up for sale on RetroRides and can be yours for a very low price.

Why? – Who doesn’t recall images of the fall of the Berlin Wall, with East Berlin comrades rushing through Check Point Charlie in their overloaded Trabants? Images like the one below summarise much more than a revolution, but a symbol of a bygone way of life.

Now you can own a part of motoring history. Albeit in a rather modified manner. The ‘Ratbant’, as it’s commonly referred to, has undergone extensive modifications. Slammed lower than your granny’s titties, the Ratbant earned its title from the intentional tatty state in which it’s currently adorned.

Ratbants will only appeal to those who find themselves appealed by the VW scene though. Slammed on banded steels with negative camber, dilapidated and embellished with comical stickers; it is certainly an acquired taste. Most bizarre is the exhaust exit pipe penetrating through the front driver’s side wing! For those of us who it will appeal to, this feature will make total sense.

Where? – Found on RetroRides, based in Essex.

Odometer reading? – A rather low 36,000. Most Trabants were hardly taken to the moon and back on a communist budget.

The Bad Bits? – It’s a rat look Trabant, who cares?

How Much? – A rather pricey £3,000. Although Trabis are uncommon in the UK, especially with an actual MOT attached to them.

Got a Link?Check it out here.

>>> Watch the Ratbant in action here

by Mike Armstrong

Photo Credit: Peter Kelly

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