Project Pit Vol I: January 2015

Project Pit will feature some interesting projects sourced from classified and enthusiast websites. All of these mentioned are real projects which can be purchased and towed away today.

Gather up your tools and clear that garage, because here comes this month’s special selection.


1973 NSU Ro80

Garage stored for 25 years, prior to the current owner, this rotary driven Ro80 is certainly worth a butchers. The carbs will need rebuilding, along with a new exhaust silencer and brakes, but this would make a stellar choice for an enthusiast. Yours for only £1,695.


 1983 Talbot Matra Murena

Unquestionably a highly uncommon vehicle in 2015. With only six registered currently in the UK (Figures:, it would be a heinous crime to let this go to waste. Most of the problems relate to rust and rot, but this is certainly savable. Why not at £1,200?


1984 Opel Monza

The Opel Monza has become something of a collector’s item in recent years due to their scarcity. According to, this Monza is one of the last 25 manual 3.0 GSE models, unless others are stashed away in dusty barns. At below £500 for the current bid on eBay, there’s little excuse to say no. Especially with only 67,000 miles on the clock and that it runs.


1970 Austin 1100


Why not include an old Austin in the mix? This British classic has recently emerged from two years of dry storage and still drives. Once checked over for obvious mechanical erosion from storage, the only reported issues stem around bodywork and welding. At £850 on eBay, this is a definite bargain.


by Mike Armstrong


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