WTF? – Grrranborghini

Recent features from the WTF? series have already proven that some people are hell-bent on destroying retros for their sick pleasure. Whether it’s a roofless Reliant Robin or a Peugeot 205 trying to lift expectations, some backstreet dentist is willing to cause some form of decay on the motoring scene.

Contrary to the previous entries, this edition of WTF? features a dramatic improvement on the original design. Our selection’s design was based upon a humble Days Strider Midi – a mobility scooter to the average reader. Splendid, an old age pensioner’s chariot! What’s so special about that? Take a look at the following video to find out.

Now you can collect your pension in record time!

Rapid, hence the title of World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter. Sat upon a 1995 GSX750F engine (which constitutes retro, right?), any elderly person who clambers on board would be propelled to 115mph, straight past a flat-out Nissan Skyline on a quarter mile strip.

Unfortunately, the current owner has decided to list his pride and joy, in favour of travelling the globe. Presumably, the decision to sell their OAP dragster derived from the desire to return home alive. Still, this represents a victory for one lucky petrolhead. With the current bid below £700, it’s affordable as a joke. Happy Bidding!

>>> View the listing here on eBay

by Mike Armstrong

Sample Highlights from The London Classic Car Show


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