London Classic Car Show 2015 in Pictures

Over the past few days, classic cars descended upon London’s Excel Arena to attend the debut of the London Classic Car Show. Between the 8th and 11th January, the conference centre played host to countless beautiful machines, confectionery served from restored Citroen H Vans and Top Gear’s James May.

Everyday classics, including; Morris Minors, Mini Coopers and a Volkswagen Beetle shared the stage with legendary motor sport icons and the height of historic luxury.

Take a look at the highlight reel below for a taste of what attracted thousands of visitors.

Citroen SM – like one we’ve featured previously.

70’s Porsche 911 S.

An early Split Oval Screen Bug with a sinister past featured as part of James May’s “Cars That Changed the World” exhibition.

A 1937 Fiat Topolino – The 500 before the 500!

The first of a few Citroen DS’s, affectionately referred to as the Goddess.

Arguably in its most gorgeous form in cabriolet guise. Simply magnificent.

A Parisian street setting, with Je Suis Charlie poster. #jesuischarlie

From one beautiful car to another. The iconic Jaguar E-Type. But what’s that hiding closely to the side you ask?

Jaguar’s E-Type is an elegant supermodel. The Lamborghini Miura on the other hand is like a porn star. You can’t help but find yourself attracted to it. Although not one to take home to your parents, you certainly wouldn’t pass getting in its knickers!

Saxon Coooortina! Definitely a car which should have made production. Ford’s concept Saxon Cortina never saw the light of day, however this loving owner went about manufacturing their own – and it’s a stunner!

The McLaren F1 came out to play too.

Along with a rather special edition. 24 Hours Le Mans anyone?

A whole range of classic F1 cars took centre stage. Including this 1955 Maserati 250F, once driven by Sterling Moss many moons ago.

Everyone knows the Morris Minor. On show last weekend though was the 1,000,000th unit ever produced. Oh, and it’s for sale…

A beautiful Aston Martin, gleaming angelically in white.

by Mike Armstrong

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