C+C: Sinclair C5 – Celebrate 30 years!

Yes, Time Warp Tuesday has gone completely bizarre and has decided to feature as today’s Cheap and Cheerful (C+C) the laughable Sinclair C5.

Why a C5 you ask? Well, electric vehicles make the headlines in 2015, with so much choice on the market. From the desirable BMW i8 to the wild card Renault Twizy, there is an EV for everyone. The C5 could be considered the EV for us retro freaks.

Sure this tricycle was lethal around corners, painfully slow, poor on range and embarrassing to be spotted in, but it’s an essential piece of British automotive history. Plus, they’re now a rarity. Whilst 14,000 were manufactured, only 5,000 found a home before the company died of shame.

History has been kinder to the C5 though, as a hardcore following keep their memory alive. One is available on eBay for only £695. For that, you get a fully restored unit, with brand news tyres, a revitalised motor, new front brakes, new front and rear wheel bearings, and other such niceties. All you need is a battery!

Why the C5 though, seriously? Well, there is a reason. Saturday 10th January 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of this shameful icon. What better way to celebrate, than to join the madness for yourself. Just be sure to say goodbye to loved ones every time you hit the road!

Facts and Figures

Make and Model: Sinclair C5

Year: 1985

Mileage: Probably not many!

MOT Expiry: Not stated

Price: £695

Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Link: Here on eBay

by Mike Armstrong

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