Former Prime Minister’s Princess

What? – A 1967 Vanden Plas Princess 4-Litre R. Powered by a 4-litre unit from Rolls Royce, producing 175bhp, the Princess was a definitive luxury limo of its time. Already a rarity, this particular Princess has two unique selling points.

Why? – Besides already being a fantastic classic car, those two unique points will make this example a must have. Firstly, only four owners have laboured this vehicle over a ridiculous 8,000 miles. Therefore, this Princess is pretty much brand new on the mileage front.

Secondly, one of those owners was fairly important in British history. Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, to be precise. Better still, the vehicle was the Prime Minister’s official state car. Therefore it’s safe to assume that this Princess is the most photographed and televised in Vanden Plas’ history.

Only 6,781 of this model were ever created, and the last pre-British Leyland design. Very few exist in Britain today due to the lucrative export market, so be sure to grab hold tight!

Where? – Shamelessly stolen from Car and Classic once again, based at A1 Classic Cars in East Lothian, Scotland.

Odometer reading? – Are you still reading this? Buy it already! Only 8,000 miles.

The Bad Bits? – Margaret Thatcher once sat in it. It may bring the value down and attract vandalism in ex-coal mining communities.

How Much? – A hardly too dear £19,450.

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by Mike Armstrong

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