WTF? – Roofless Robin

Following our popular last feature, with the industrial accident which was this Peugeot 205, Time Warp Tuesday has searched the internet high and low for our second edition of WTF?

Fortunately, Gumtree came to the rescue with this curiously modified Reliant Robin. Already an amusing vehicle from the factory, the current owner decided that his randy Robin needed the chop. Roof chop that is.

That’s right, this 1982 Reliant Robin is now a fully blown convertible. Del Boy’s chav chariot of choice is now even more dangerous, with occupants needing to use their own heads as a roll cage should (when) this Eighties curiosity decides to topple over.

Jeremy Clarkson demonstrates the dangers of cornering in the Robin

To top it off, the same seller is also advertising an equally amusing home-made pick-up variant. For just shy of £2,000 a piece, suicide has never been more expensive.

In all honesty though, these both make amusing show pieces and do certainly leave a lasting impression. I would go as far as saying they’re both pretty cool. Just don’t expect me to drive it anywhere, as although both have 12 months MOT, I actually value my life.

>> View the original advert here

by Mike Armstrong

Boris Johnson declares diesel hunting season



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