Classic diesel cull on the horizon?

Worrying news is on the horizon for classic car fans once again, this time for the oil burners amongst us. A recent article by Keith Moody has instilled a deepest and darkest fear into the hearts of many of us.

Many will already be aware of Boris Johnson’s plans to effectively ban, or discourage, older vehicles from London’s streets by 2020. Due to European Union restrictions on air pollution, which is aimed at decreasing pollution related deaths in the coming years, Boris has decided to take drastic measures to comply. However he has taken measures a step too far and has lobbied to implement the classic car’s death penalty once again. The deadly Scrappage Scandal.

The Mayor of London hints at a return to the unforgivable Scrappage Scheme of 2009. The new scheme, if implemented, would create large cash incentives to diesel owners part exchanging for a brand new model.

Possible benefits for such a scheme would include; discounts for buyers, a stimulant in the motor trade, increased output by manufacturers and a possible improvement in air quality.

Superb! However for the classic and retro car scene, this could spell another motoring genocide, which already spilt the oil of thousands of innocent motors. Decent elderly diesels are already thin on the ground, especially with reasonable miles on the clock.

Image: The Mercedes 190D could become extinct.

Great classic diesels have included; Volkswagen Golfs, Mercedes 190D’s, Mercedes W124’s, various Turbo Diesel Peugeots and Citroens (Once the masters of this sector), BMW E34 525D’s, and countless off-roaders.

>> Many French Classics died in 2009. Grab the tissues, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Having recently sold my 1996 Golf diesel, the thought of it meeting its maker to be replaced by a Hyundai i10 has the potential to turn me into a raging insomniac for weeks on end. Although slow, the non-turbo engine had plenty of life left in it and remained indestructible throughout my nigh-on four year ownership. Not to mention that the fuel economy cannot be trumped in the real world by any modern petrol.

Extinction isn’t the only worry with a new scheme, but also the prices of second hand cars. With less used cars on the market, prices will inevitably rise, with decent examples disappearing rapidly. Therefore, budget motorists will feel the hole in their pockets grow larger when searching for a replacement vehicle.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, another Scrappage Scheme can only spell disaster for the average British motorist once again. Prices of new cars inflated due to the Government discounts, hence turning what appeared to be a saving into a blatant false economy.

A good idea or an evil death penalty for the diesel engine? Please feel free to discuss. Could this just be a snide plan to place a stranglehold on those who use veg-oil to fuel their youngtimer? The floor is yours…


by Mike Armstrong

One Diesel which should be sent to hell

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