WTF? – Pug with an identity crisis

The debut of a new section dedicated to classics which are best sent straight to the sin bin starts with a Peugeot 205. 

In standard guise, the humble 205 was an excellent supermini, best served in GTI clothing. However in this edition, we’ve found a total monster. The bastard child of a French supermini and a forklift truck, this crazy contraption is now up for sale.

Even though the vehicle is not registered, and probably won’t pass any MOTs any time soon, a new buyer can find quite the bargain with this lot. Forget Toyota’s Prius, this is the true hybrid, and it comes straight from a fruit farm in Taunton.

Like a prop from a Halloween movie, this insane machine comes with banded steel wheels, crazy green paintwork, a hydraulic powered forklift and a lovely little dent in the front wing. The good news is that it’s a diesel and will probably run on veg oil though, but don’t expect it to save you any Pennies on the daily commute. So far there have been zero bids on this item, clearly this fruit picker’s genius doesn’t come across well over the internet.

Also, we would discourage bidders from purchasing this due to the seller stating that they will add VAT to the price, which is against eBay rules. Very naughty!

by Mike Armstrong

Look out for this stolen RS2000!



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