Silverstone Classic: Early birds get the worm.

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee, 25 years in a numerical format, next year’s Silverstone Classic is anticipated to become the best ever. Why miss out when tickets are available now?

Like Glastonbury festival, large flocks of enthusiasts and casuals alike will set out on a pilgrimage to Silverstone in search of incredible motoring displays. Similarly to the world famous music festival, there will be a rock ‘n’ roll headline act to close the show. Boogie rockers, Status Quo, will provide a musical performance to add that silver lining to the Silverstone cloud.

Status Quo shall not provide the only sound for the weekend, as highly tuned exhaust notes will fill the air, with the smell of petrol enticing our senses. On show will be numerous historic vehicles from motor sport’s colourful past, track events and tons of other displays. Owners of silver cars can participate in a parade to celebrate the Silver Jubilee.

Motor racing fans should race (pardon the pun!) to grab early bird tickets and secure a small discount upon the full list price. More information can be found on their site, with various levels of entry available. Gift certificates are also available for those wanting to spoil a loved one at Christmas.

The event runs at the world famous race track in Towcester, Northamptonshire between 24th and 26th July 2015.

by Mike Armstrong

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